When the time comes to sell your home the last thing you want is potential buyers making a list of the things they’ll need to fix if they purchase it.

Selling homes is often a numbers game – the more people you get through the door, the more likely you are to sell and the higher the price is likely to be.

It’s cheap, it’s relatively easy and it’ll almost certainly pay for itself, come auction or sale time – a fresh coat of paint to fix any blemishes or a tired décor will make a world of difference.

Replace the carpet if significantly worn, stained or damaged or sanding and polishing the floorboards. If floorboards are not an option, new carpet can be good in the bedrooms.

The first time visitors to your home will almost certainly find a way to trip on any uneven surface, so you should fix anything that could trip or impede people as they walk onto the property and through the house.

Rusty iron or missing/broken tiles will be among the first things that are picked up from the street or outside. If you know there are issues remove these red flags and fix it now to get ahead of the game.